1. Our courses are inclusive of Certificates that are recognised by both MoT (Ministry of Tourism) and CTF (Cambodia Tourism Federation).
  2. Our syllabus is calibrated and in resonance with international standards, SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) training content.
  3. Upon completion of our courses, easily obtain SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) exam and certification.
  4. Our facilities are state of the art whether in terms of equipment, infrastructure, ingredients and international guidelines for coffee education campus.
  5. Our courses looks beyond classical coffee menu but also delves deeper into the coffee business and include an Introduction to Beverage Innovation.
  6. Our courses not only includes basic barista skills but also equips you with an Introduction to Workflow Management which is key for senior baristas, management and café owners.
  7. We bring to you the best trainers enriched with not only valuable industry experience but also equipped with SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certifications.
  8. We provide value added training materials that you can bring back to continuously learn and practice in your coffee journey/ career.
  9. We understand the importance of hands on experience as coffee is both skilled base as much as it is academic. Thus, we provide equal amount of attention and focus to your hands on learning experience.
  10. We assist and secure barista job opportunity after completion through our large network of partners in the coffee industry.


Upon successfully completing the course and assessment of both Foundation and Intermediate. Participant will receive certificate from KOFI Academy recognized by Cambodia Tourism Federation and Ministry of Tourism. Also option to receive certificate from Specialty Coffee Association.

1. Foundation Barista Skill

Course Price : 299 USD

  • Optional SCA foundation examination and certificate (79 USD)
  • This course is dedicated for beginner’s with clear and precise guideline in the protocols of espresso preparation as recognized by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Course Content:

– Coffee. Understand the characters and differences of Arabica and Robusta species.

– Freshness. Understand the importance of storing coffee in an …


 airtight container. Away from variables such as oxygen, moisture, light and air.

– Workspace Management. Understand the importance of procedures in espresso preparation, milk frothing procedures, cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Understand the how grind, grammage, time and pressure is relevant in brewing coffee.

– Milk Skills. Understand the effects of fat percentage and temperature on flavor profile.

– Barista Menu. Understand classic and innovative café menu in the coffee industry and methods of preparation.

– Hygiene, Health and Safety. Understand the importance of cleaning as you go, to avoid food disease outbreaks.

– Café Management. Understand how a café manages costing of raw materials and price points. Also understand operational costs for cafes.

2. Intermediate Barista Skills

Course Price : 349 USD
Optional SCA Exam : Enquire Now

  • Optional SCA examination and certificate (229 USD)
  • This course is dedicated for those with some experiences in coffee industry and have a basic understanding of how espresso is competently prepared. This course, delves deeper into the science of espresso extraction and the variables involved for the barista to consider as recognized by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Course Content:

– Processing. Understand the different approaches to processing coffee cherries at the source and its impacts unto body, flavor and acidity.


– Storage best practices. Understand the packaging technologies of single valve, inert gases and resting periods.

– Operational designs. Understand the concept and key elements of creating different bar designs in addition to its effects on productivity. Understand factors in grouping relevant equipment together in order to reduce wastage in twists and turns.

– Extraction Skills. Understand methods to manipulate and achieve desired flavor profile objective from whole beans.

– Introduction to Dairy. Understand differences between dry foam and wet micro-foam with methods to achieve high quality foam.

– Innovative Menu. Understand classical espresso menu and the innovations in café menu for today’s industrial and consumerism demands.

– HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Understand health risks and critical control points that require action to be taken upon or precautionary action.

Latte Art Techniques

Cost Per Person: $149 USD

  • Prerequisites: Completion of Foundation Barista Skills & Intermediate Barista
  • Skills Duration: 7 hrs.

This course is completely hands on; Baristas Student will be guided through advance milk texturing, espresso extraction as well as pouring techniques essential to achieving latte art. Learn multiple designs and have the opportunity to practice them in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


This will be a fun and challenging course with the goal of presenting coffees that look and taste AMAZING.

Course Content:
1. Base. Understanding a good espresso as a good base for preparing silky latte art. Understanding alternative base other than espresso such as cocoa powder.
2. Milk. Understanding suitable milk for preparing smooth textured art. Understanding key difference in preparing wet microfoam suitable for art.
3. Innovation. Understanding alternatives to milk such as introducing food coloring to add different dimensions to the art. Understanding non dairy alternatives for latte art such as soy milk or other protein base.
4. Art. Understanding the four different approaches to latte art. Etching, free-pouring, stencils and sauces. Understand deeper into free-pouring fundamental arts of heart, tulip, rosetta.

Consumer Level

1. Introduction to Coffee (49 USD)

This course will take you through the journey of coffee from Seed to Cup. The history of both coffee production in the world and Coffee Consumption globally.

2. Introduction to Espresso (49 USD)

This course will bring you through the history of espresso and how it became the most popular way to drink coffee. Learn the history of espresso machines and understand the objectives of every step of the way in making that perfect espresso.

3. Introduction to Milk (49 USD)

This class will share an insight into the characters of milk that will pair well with your favourite coffee. Through this course, learn how to evaluate milk foam quality and steps in producing the perfect microfoam.

4. Introduction to Cupping Protocol (49 USD)

This class will share the standard practices that every coffee professional practices when it comes to evaluating and grading coffee. Learn protocols to taste and score coffee beans through cupping.

5. Introduction to Roasting (49 USD)

This class will provide the basic theory of physics in coffee roasting and how every coffee roaster heats differently. Learn both the physical and chemical changes that happens to green coffee when heated.