KOFI ACADEMY was found on the vision of empowering and developing coffee professionals at every stage of the coffee journey, from the source where we see farmers till the perfect cup of coffee where we see consumers.

We bring to you the best trainers enriched with valuable industry experiences and SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certifications.

Upon successfully completing the course and assessment of both Foundation and Intermediate, participants will receive certificates from Kofi Academy recognized by Cambodia Tourism Federation and Ministry of Tourism. Successful participants are also entitled to the option to receive certificate from Specialty Coffee Association.

Message from Manager

“Hello There, A Warm Welcome to Kofi Academy!

If you’re looking for a long and fruitful journey through the complex and amazing world of Coffee, you’ve arrived at the right place. We are the first Coffee School certified by Ministry Of Tourism and also the largest Coffee School in Cambodia. For those looking for International Accreditations, we are also proud to share with you that we carry Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Barista Skills Module. We believe that the value of a coffee bean can only be highlighted through education. Thus, we initiate courses finely tailored to Industry Professionals such as Foundation and Intermediate Barista Skills. We also host consumer classes such as Introduction to Coffee, Cupping, Espresso and Roasting.

Beyond the classroom, we believe in the role of the barista in developing the coffee industry. To show our commitment, we frequently host activities such as Cambodia Barista Championship and Coffee Festivals. Do explore and follow us to join our courses and activities.

Cheers and Kind Regards,


Consumers: To educate and help consumers evaluate coffee quality.
Industry Professionals: Training, certification and support for career progression.
Business: Be a service provider to assist in quality and industry key elements.
Benefits of KOFI Academy

Our courses are recognized by both MoT (Ministry of Tourism) and CTF (Cambodia Tourism Federation).
Our syllabus is calibrated and in resonance with international standards, SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) training content. Optional to take SCA Certificate.
Our facilities are state of the art whether in terms of equipment, infrastructure, ingredients and international guidelines for coffee education campus.
Our courses looks beyond classical coffee menu but also delves deeper into the coffee business and include an Introduction to Beverage Innovation.
Our courses not only includes basic barista skills but also equips you with an Introduction to Workflow Management.
We bring to you the best trainers enriched with valuable industry experience and SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certifications.
We provide value added training materials that you can bring back to continuously learn and practice in your coffee journey/ career.
We assist and secure barista job opportunity after completion through our large network of partners in the coffee industry.


To be the leading coffee academy in Cambodia, dedicated to the growth and success of the industry driving standards higher for both Professionals and Consumers