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Bunn Titan Single
Theo 64
Product Name : Bunn Titan Single 
Price : $ 5990.00

Titan Single
Price: $5990.00 (Include VAT 10%)

The Bunn Titan single high volume coffee brewer can brew up to 22.5 gallons of coffee per hour! Perfect for large hotels and catering operations, its array of special features help you produce the perfect cup every time. Programmable digital temperature controls coupled with Bunn's innovative pre-infusion technology provide optimum saturation and a consistent, quality product for your customers.


  • Brews 360 (8 oz.) cups, (22.5 gallons) or (85.2 litres) of perfect coffee per hour.
  • Coffee extraction controlled with pre-infusion and pulse brew, digital temperature control, and large sprayhead; coffee strength controlled with variable by-pass.
  • BrewMETER® allows automatic programming of pulse routine.
  • SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.
  • Funnel has 28 ounce (.8 kg) ground coffee capacity and paper filter retainers to eliminate fold-over.
  • Titan TF servers are insulated to keep coffee hot for hours.
  • Hot water faucet.
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.
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