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Astoria Core 600
Theo 64
Product Name : Astoria Core 600  
Price : $ 7490.00

Core 600 2 Groups
Price: $7,490.00  (Include VAT 10%)

Core 600 3 Groups
Price: $8,990.00  (Include VAT 10%)

Core600 is the first of the new Core class of Astoria coffee machines. Core re-visits Astoria’s elegance, with its simple lines and modern design making it immediately recognizable.With Core, the Italian espresso coffee tradition is exalted by a functionally designed object, able to become the protagonist in any ambiance. Inside Core600 beats the very heart of Astoria, a combination of tradition, technology and a veritable passion for espresso. With Core, espresso takes on a new design.


Standard features

• Versions from 1 ÷ 4 units and Compact
• 6-dose push-button panel STB (Sensitive Tou-
ch Buttons)
• Programming of coffee doses from push-button
• Auxiliary switches for coffee dispensing
• Button operated water dosed 2 ÷ 4 GR (excluding
•Automatic filling of boiler

• Astoria ergonomic filter carriers
• White lighting top cupsframe
• Electronically controlled cup warmer (excluding
1 GR and Compact)
•Thermo-syphon circulation hydraulic circuit (CTS)

•External motor pump