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La Marzocco FB/80 2 Group
Theo 64
Product Name : La Marzocco FB/80 2 Group 
Price : $ 13990.00

The La Marzocco FB/80

Price $ :13,990 ( Included VAT 10%)
Custom Color: $ 700.00

The FB/80 features industry-setting technologies like saturated brew groups, a PID temperature controller, and stainless steel dual boiler systems. The addition of a pre-heater ensures stable, heated 170F water entering into the coffee boiler while the exclusive group caps (with enclosed flow meters and solenoid valves) further ensure temperature stability. These advances to the machine take temperature stability to a whole new level.


Dual PID that controls both the steam and coffee boilers
Dual Boiler that optimizes your espresso brewing and steam production
Saturated Groups ensure unsurpassed thermal stability shot after shot
Barista Lights allow you to focus on your extraction
Hot Water Economizer enables you to fine tune the tap water temperature
Ruby Flow Restrictions resist scale formation and erosion
Digital Display is an intuitive programming that simplifies adjustment of machine parameters
Personalized Color allows you to customize your machine to your likings
Thermal Stability System - as water passes through each element the temperature is even further stabilized