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WMF 5000S
Theo 64
Product Name : WMF 5000S 
Price : $ 15490.00

WMF 5000S

     Price: $15,490 (Include with VAT 10%)

The WMF 5000 S is like a loyal team member you can always depend on: pulling its weight and always fast enough when it counts. At the same time, it’s intuitive and easy to use. Just as staff aim to please customers with a friendly smile, this fully automated team member gives you a perfectly tailored drink at the touch of a button – for each and every customer. The WMF 5000S not only offers high performance, but can be cleaned efficiently and thoroughly. Because, as we know, nobody can afford to wait.

Product Feature 

Power single Phase 1P/N/E 230V, 2.75 - 3.5 kW
Power three Phase 3P/N/E 400V, 5.9 - 7.1 kW
Fix Water Connection 3/8", TW10, 2 bar
Size (W x H x D) 325 mm x 706 mm x 590 mm